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Making Friends With Hills

Guest blogger and running coach Patrick Stoddard, explains how to tackle "the hill" when running.
18:07 18 December 2021

Working Out: Don't Let it be Too Much of a Good Thing

Working out can greatly improve the general wealth being and fitness of an individual. However, too much of a good thin...
18:07 17 December 2021

How to Score Health Benefits by Playing Sports

American football coach Vince Lombardi questioned, “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?&#8...
18:07 13 October 2021

How to Use the Internet to Make Weight Loss Easier

The internet is full of free, useful tools. If you have been struggling with weight loss on your own, it is high time you put that solitary existence ...
18:07 8 August 2021

Trampolines - Perfect for Health by Training Many Muscles of the Body

Trampolines are absolutely perfect for health by training many muscles throughout the body. Learn here about the variety of muscles which are exercise...
18:07 16 May 2021

Prevent Hair Loss: Avoiding Undesirable Side Effects of Exercising

If you are just beginning a rigorous fitness routine, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Excessive exercising can lead to hair loss.
18:07 4 May 2021

The Value of Competition in Sport for Teenagers

Competition is a part of life, so we might as well learn about its value when we are young. Learn more about the benefits of competition for teenagers...
18:07 15 April 2021

What You Need to Know About Glucose

The body is an amazing thing. Everybody is generally made the same way. There are many things that the body has in plac...
18:07 11 April 2021

Loving Your Heart and Body this Valentine's Day

February is a big month for hearts. In addition to February playing host to Valentine’s Day, this month is also America...
18:07 14 March 2021

In the Gym: Overcoming Getting Older - Eat Breathe Blog

The aches and pains of getting older and how to cope with them to stay fit and keep going to the gym.
18:07 16 January 2021

5 Great Low-Impact Workouts

A regular exercise routine increases muscle strength and boosts endurance levels, helping you stay fit and maintain a h...
18:06 31 December 2021

10 Tips to Explosive Muscle Growth

If you’ve arrived here looking for the proprietary diet and exercise plan called “Explosive Muscle Method&#...
18:07 5 December 2020

Tips on Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you’ve gotten to a level of commitment where it’s time to work with a personal trainer, your decision ma...
18:07 28 November 2020

Special Diet for Muay Thai Enthusiasts

When engaged in any form of exercise regimen whether for fitness or for a sports bout, an individual needs to follow a...
18:07 29 October 2020