The Best Sports to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Getting fit is something that a lot of people pledge to do each year with their New Year’s resolutions, but never quite...

Getting fit is something that a lot of people pledge to do each year with their New Year’s resolutions, but never quite manage to see through. Many will sign up for the gym and buy a new pair of trainers with the best intentions in the world to see it through, shedding those unwanted pounds and toning up the muscles, and while a large proportion will persevere, others tend to lose the motivation after a few months.

The thing about improving your overall health and fitness is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There are numerous different techniques that you could use to help yourself to reach that desired level, ranging from joining a gym to trying out natural medicines from the likes of Biogetica and even going on a diet; but choosing the right method can make the difference between a successful fitness campaign and one that sees the trainers thrown back in the bottom of the wardrobe to gather dust.

It’s not as simple as hitting the gym and waiting to notice a difference in terms of your weight, muscle mass or whatever else you’re trying to achieve with your fitness plan; you need to think carefully about the activities you do in order to hit those goals. Some sports and activities are more beneficial than others, and many have benefits for certain areas of the body and specific muscle groups. For instance:


Not one of the most popular of sports in comparison to the likes of football or rugby, but squash is a sport that works out all of the muscles and is great for cardiovascular fitness. It’s been estimated that squash uses 50% more of the muscles in the body than running, and that it burns more fat than any cardio machine. The swinging of the racket will help you to increase your flexibility and strength, while long rallies with a partner or opponent will get you running around the court to burn off the calories.


You don’t have to be aggressive by nature to get into boxing, and you don’t even have to punch another person (or worse, be punched!) Another sport that works on cardio and strength, boxing is all about fast movements and building up the muscles while working up enough of a sweat that the calories seem to fall off. Spending a set amount of time with a punching bag will help to build up your endurance in terms of both physical fitness and muscle endurance.


It might sound like a nightmare to many, but combining running, swimming and cycling has so many benefits it’s almost impossible to list them all. A triathlon is a high-intensity activity that works the muscle groups in all areas of the body and will help you to build up your endurance. You can start off by doing small sessions of around five minutes each, steadily building up the time until you reach your peak physical fitness.

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