Bodybuilding 101: Knowing What Works and What Doesn’t

Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights. Many aspiring bodybuilders fail to realize this very simple fact. It’s not just lifting the heaviest p...

Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights. Many aspiring bodybuilders fail to realize this very simple fact. It’s not just lifting the heaviest plates or doing the most reps that will lead to a perfectly chiseled body that you desire. There are more complicated factors in building your muscles. Though it isn’t as complicated as rocket science, it is still best to learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of building your muscles.

What Works:

Protein – lots and lots of protein

When you talk about building muscles, protein is something that never gets left out of the conversation. It is common knowledge that protein is needed in order to build muscles. You need lots of it if you want to bulk up.

Protein basically gets broken down by your digestive system in order to provide amino acids that serve as the building blocks of muscle repair and growth. It can be found in food such as fish, chicken, eggs, beef, dairy, soya, among others.

You will need 2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. This will be distributed through the whole day in portions of approximately 30 grams. Once you get the protein in your system, you will be bulking up in no time!

But aside from food that gives protein, there are products that can aid you in muscle production. Predator Nutrition has a wide array of products that can propel you to the next step in building muscle.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is very crucial when it comes to developing muscles.

When you work out, you tire yourself out. Your muscles are at a state where it is vulnerable. They are still swelling inside… It needs water in order to heal and develop into muscles.

When muscles are dehydrated, they have a tendency to cramp up – which is why keeping yourself hydrated at all times is a must!

What doesn’t Work:

Non-Stop Repetitions and Unrealistic Lifts

Seriously – you’re not trying to win the Armstrong Strongman Classic. You should stay realistic and just lift what you can. You don’t need to outdo yourself because you are only doing more harm to your body rather than improvements.

You need to take care of yourself and be mindful of what you do in the gym. You can’t expect to be all buffed up just because you do so many reps or lift very heavy plates. In fact, doing these may just very well screw you and your plans. Your muscles will get damaged and may stunt its growth. Do the smart thing and only lift what you can.

Final Score

At the end of the day, it all boils down to you. You control your own body – what you do dictates how it will develop. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or someone who just wants to have a more physically fit body, you must remember that there’s nothing wrong with looking at other options when trying to bulk up. Protein is good, but there are other products that can help you too; so always keep an open mind.

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