Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Yoga offers a slew of benefits for patients looking to relieve back pain. This popular alternative treatment originated...

Yoga offers a slew of benefits for patients looking to relieve back pain. This popular alternative treatment originated in India. With yoga, the goal is to achieve greater enlightenment, as well as improving one’s strength and flexibility. This is done by developing a better understanding of the body, mind, and spirit. Common yoga practices consist of breathing, stretching, and meditation exercises, making them ideal for people with mild to moderate back pain seeking care.

Since back pain is commonly caused by weak muscles and poor posture, regularly attending yoga classes may reverse your condition and prevent future injuries. In addition to increasing one’s strength, yoga can alleviate stress, which is an important factor in regards to back care.

People may believe that yoga is too advanced for them; however, there are a number of yoga classes to choose from, including beginner level classes. Beginner classes promote the same principles, but the poses are simpler than ones featured in more advanced sessions.

Talk to your doctor before enrolling in a yoga class because some yoga poses may further aggravate your medical condition. If your doctor recommends taking a yoga class, make sure to select one that best suits your interests. For instance, if you’re interested in spiritual and mental clarity, join a hatha yoga class. Not only can hatha yoga elongate your spine, it can help you achieve a balance between your feminine and masculine characteristics.

Other forms of yoga, like vinyasa, are more focused on the physical aspect. With vinyasa yoga, more energy is devoted to decreasing stress while detoxifying the body. This type of yoga is especially beneficial to patients interested in losing weight, which can also reduce back pain.

By easing muscle tension, yoga also makes it easier for back pain patients to sleep through the night. Insomnia is one of the most common side effects of chronic back pain, so it’s beneficial to take part in this type of physical activity.

If you’re looking to relieve back pain, Cobra pose is widely popular:

Additionally, there are many other poses that can help to relieve back pain. Keep in mind that some of these positions may be difficult to achieve initially. Over time, however, your body will better adjust to these positions, allowing for back pain relief.

Big toe pose








Locust pose








Cat pose








Cow pose








Child’s pose








Downward facing dog pose








Mountain pose








Fire log pose

Plow pose









While yoga for back pain can be helpful, people with severe back pain may want to avoid poses that include back bends, shoulder stands or headstands. These positions can do more harm than good. Other alternative treatments for back pain include massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and chiropractic visits. Along with yoga, these treatments may provide long-term relief without the use of prescription medications or invasive surgeries.

If you have chronic back pain, discuss your lower back pain treatment options with your doctor. If you’re uncomfortable taking medications, ask your doctor if there are other treatment methods that can provide back pain relief.

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